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Richard Penman

About the Author

My name is Richard Penman, and I'm an idiot. I make mistakes, sometimes a lot of them, but not usually that much. I enjoy writing stories that I then enjoy reading and hope others enjoy as much as I do. I prefer to stick with my own style, constantly wearing Shorts and a T-shirt is one way I've come to define as my style, but generally style refers to my style of writing. I like reading full-length novels but many people don't have time for that, so i've planned towrite a bunch of short-stories that anyone can enjoy in a simple matter of five minutes or less. I plan to mkae games, films, and much more for the purpose of entertaining myself and hopefully tons of other peopel the world over. Ultimately I understand that I can't please others, they have to choose to be happy with my work, so instead of trying to make others happy I focus my work on what makes me happy. Because I can't possibly be all that different from everybody else, can I? But even if I am, then my true purpose is fulfilled, because my main goal is to keep myself entertained and happy, but if I help other people too then that is fantastic. Enjoy, and feel free to contact me on all manner of Social Media accounts.